Code Interpreter:

  1. Math problem as PNG file
    1. solve the equation in this image, what is the value of “t”
  2. Analyze data
    1. Kaggle
    2. upload csv and ask it to, “explain the data”
    3. “trends in this data?”
  3. Recommend Future actions & Making predictions
    1. Creating hypotheses based on a CSV data set, creating graphs to support them, and compiling the findings into a PDF.
    2. “What predictions can you make on this dataset?”
  4. Clean Data
    1. “how to clean this data?”
  5. Graphs and diagrams
    1. can you create 10 visuals to represend different data?
    2. “create 10 visuals to represent the data”
  6. Upload multiple CSV datasets and look for correlations between the two (ie YouTube data and Google Trends data on the niche).
    1. “Can you explain the correlation between these two csv files?”
  7. Create an entire presentation:
    1. “Can you create an entire presentation?”
  8. Image Processing
    1. “Crop in vertical format”
    2. “transform into a color pallet
    3. “turn blue, greyscale”
  9. Merge Images
    1. Upload two images and create an animation that merges between the two.
    2. “Merge these two images together
  10. Video editing
    1. “zoom in zoom out “
    2. “rotate 180 degrees “
  11. Converting
    1. “image jpeg to png”
    2. “mp3 into wave”
    3. “convert to gif”
    4. “edit and convert a video”
  12. Make videos
    1. “Make a gif of falling green matrix letters. Use any modern font, 30 frames 10fps. no talk, just go. Output the results as a downloadable file”
  13. Audio Editing
    1. “Remove Background noise”
  14. Understand code
    1. Upload a JS file from GitHub and have it explain what the code does in plain English.
    2. “explain this to me”
  15. Write code
    1. “Generate Python code for a simple calculator”
  16. Analyze and optimize your code
    1. Upload python file
    2. “eplain this to me”
  17. Feature Implementations
    1. “Analyze the code for potential errors or inefficiencies
    2. “can you do number 2 for me?”
  18. Creating a QR code for a website.
    1. “create a QR code to send people to my website x”
  19. d Surface mapping
    1. Upload 3d mountain elevation . csv
    2. Draw an interactive 3d surface map from this data file and output a downloadable html file.
    3. download it
  20. Make a visual word cloud
    1. upload text or data
    2. “create a visual word cloud”
  21. Track face and object